“Seduction 6” Book 6 in the Strong Young Women Series, by Joyce Jordan

Romance With a Relatable, Real Heroine


Seduction Book Six on AmazonThe last in the “Strong Young Women” series of erotic romance novels by Joyce Jordan, “Seduction Book 6” shares many of the same traits with others in the series: it is absorbing, fast-paced and filled with real characters who it is easy to sympathize with and root for. They are classic romances but, in some ways, also have the feel of a mystery or thriller because the plots are so filled with twists and turns and surprises. Readers will love the romance and erotic charge, but will also find themselves excited to see what new plot twist is in store next.

The story begins with a wedding, always a romantic start, and takes off from there. Many characters and couples from earlier in the series appear here, and avid fans of the “Strong Young Women” novels will be pleased to find old favorites and see how some stories resolve.

As with the entire series and, indeed, all of the romance novels by Joyce Jordan, it is characterization that sets this novel apart. The author has a gift for creating characters.  They are well written and fully formed, real people with both good and bad traits. They are, just like real people, complicated and multi-faceted and that is what makes them so engaging.  In particular, the women characters featured here are different from so many in traditional romance novels.  Smart, assertive and modern, these are not passive women waiting for life to happen to them.  And it is this fact that makes “Seduction 6″such a standout: real women.  Readers who enjoy romance but also crave relatable female characters who reflect real people will thoroughly enjoy this novel.


Strong Young Women by Joyce Jordan Series

About the Author

Joyce JordanA lifelong reader since childhood, Joyce Jordan enjoyed mystery and suspense books and, as a teenager, added romance novels to her list of favorites. She dreamed of being a writer but was uncertain that she could achieve her dream.

One day she fell across a book that mentioned the possibility of self publishing. She read several more books on the subject and gained enough courage to write her first book,  “Seduction-book 1″ in September of 2013. Since then, she has been encouraged by fans and has continued writing. She is the author of the”Strong Young Women” ‘ series, the “Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number” series,  and the “Miami Heat” Series.


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