“Protect My Soul Zenith Elite Book 1,” by M.J. Herald

Love, Souls and Angels in New Paranormal Romance Series

Protect My Soul Book 1 of the Zenith Elite Series on Amazon“Protect My Soul” starts with an interesting juxtaposition: a quote by C.S. Lewis, “You do not have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body,” followed by a scene of a heartless murder.

So begins a new paranormal romance series about saving souls, love and redemption that focuses on the spiritual rather than the temporal.  A group called the Zenith Elite protect the earth from evil.  Created by the archangels and led by Gideon, the story follows several paths, including the battle against evil and saving of souls, and the love between Gideon and a human girl, Ren, who has been spiritually lost since her mother abandoned her as a child.

Gideon’s entire existence is full of meaning: he exists only to combat evil.  He has appeared throughout time in various forms, sometimes human, to combat the evil of humans and to combat the malicious Azrael. When he meets Ren, he reassures her that she is where she needs to be. On one level, he gives her the meaning she has been looking for all of her life.  As the story develops, however, it becomes clear that nothing is quite so simple and that Ren may be the one who saves Gideon’s soul.

This is a very unusual, thoughtful and thought-provoking look at the meaning of love and how love gives our lives purpose.  It is also an absorbing adventure story about the battle between Gideon and Azrael and so can be read on two levels. It is equally enjoyable for the romance and adventure story and for the meditation on the power of love to save and protect.

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