Throne of Novoxos by Tyler Chase at AmazonScience Fiction Romance Is Also a Sophisticated Psychological Thriller 

An inventive and unique experience in the science fiction/fantasy genre, “Throne of Novoxos”actually defies genres. It combines the twists and turns and elaborate story line of a psychological thriller with more traditional science fiction/fantasy elements and a romance that encounters many obstacles to create a compelling work that, once started, is hard to stop reading.  Though it takes place in another place and time, the themes of obsessional love and inner turmoil and their psychological impact are universal, and the author treats them with great insight and sensitivity.

This is also an adventure story in which both real and political battles must be fought.  Prince Comron is faced with enemies who threaten to destroy him and threaten the love of his life, Vaush.  He must face inner demons as well as very real physical threats in order to prevail, and the excitement of the story comes from both the action scenes and from Comron’s inner battles…some that could prove deadly.

This is a very passionate, almost medieval romance as well as a thriller and adventure story. In some ways it is reminiscent of the science fiction classic “Dune” by Frank Herbert in that it uses elements from a variety of genres with a great love story as its motivating force.  The main characters of Prince Comron and Vaush, as well as the many secondary and tertiary characters who populate the plot and subplots are easy to imagine in movie form, just as “Dune” was made into a classic movie.  The romance combined with science fiction and fantasy are also reminiscent of “Game of Thrones” and are at least as well done, if not better.   An enthralling adventure combined with romance and fantasy make this a mesmerizing first book in what promises to be an exciting and satisfying series.


What Readers Are Saying About ‘Throne of Novoxos’

What Readers are saying





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