“They Cried Wolf” by Rafael

A Taut Political Thriller and a Werewolf Assassin

They Cried Wolf by Rafael on Amazon

A novel that is part political thriller, part commentary on the use of fear as a means of political control, part mystery and part paranormal adventure involving werewolves. In the hands of a less capable writer, the combination could have been convoluted to say the least. This novel, however, is suspenseful and gripping from the very beginning, and does not let up.

The President of the United States has unleashed a manufactured plague on his own citizens as a means to acquire more power. As Americans die in the tens of thousands, Congress is thrown into a panic and the President is able to convince them to give him unprecedented authority. Fear breeds compliance, and no one seems to notice that their basic rights are being quickly eroded. When the assassin who has served American presidents since Andrew Jackson, Diego, uncovers the perfidy, he begins to develop a plan to go from targeting others on behalf of the president to targeting the president himself. What no one knows is that Diego is a werewolf.

The character of Diego Constance is the driving force here, with his troubled past (some of which is only alluded to) and his horror at the President’s betrayal. He is multi-faceted and very real, despite the fact that he is supernatural.

Written in a tense, almost panicky tone that mimics the tone of the country and disaster that is being described, “They Cried Wolf” is able to create a sense of immediacy for the reader that is rare and that keeps the suspense high throughout. This is a thriller in the truest sense of the word. It is entertaining and absorbing as well as topical. The author is able to adeptly explore the topic of manufactured fear as a means of accumulating power while providing a captivating and exciting story that is thoroughly enjoyable.

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RafaelRafael was born and raised in New York City, a spectacular river of people from every part of the world and country flows through his hometown. It inspired him to travel the world, learning about other native habitats.
The insights his characters bring to the human condition reflect the many adventures and encounters along those journeys.

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