“Victoria and Drake” by Joyce Jordan

A Modern Tale of the Obstacles to Love

Victoria and Drake by Joyce Jordan on AmazonThe fifth entry in the “Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number” series, “Victoria and Drake” tells a story of steamy modern romance, and of how secrets, fears and uncertainty can keep lovers apart.

Tori is a woman who has been waiting for Mr. Right for a long time. After a series of failed relationships she concludes that she has a talent for finding Mr. Wrong. Tori decides to move on to another one of her dreams, having a child and starting the white picket fence life, on her own. But when she meets the handsome, charming and rich Drake, her plans get thrown into a tailspin. Lacking trust, she tries to avoid his advances, but the chemistry is too strong.  And Drake is used to getting what he wants: he will not be denied the woman he has seen and become entranced with.  At the wedding of a mutual friend, the chemistry gets the better of them, but now Tori is pregnant and unsure of what to do. How will Drake react? And can she trust that his love is forever and not just for now? And what will Drake do when he finds out about her past?

This is a classic tale of romance and undeniable attraction, filled both with the complications of romantic love and the pleasures of physical love.  At the center of the conflict lie Tori’s fears about acceptance and rejection, fears that plague most of us to some extent. For that reason, and because the characters here are so well done and three dimensional, readers will be able to relate to Tori’s dilemma and to her as a person. From the outset it is clear that Tori and Drake should be together, but fear, pride, secrets and misunderstanding conspire to keep them apart. This is a real-world romantic story that doesn’t shy away from exploring modern issues in relationships. Or from exploring the role sexual attraction plays in romantic love. Well written, with unusually complex characters for the romance genre, this is a thoroughly enjoyable tale of love, lust and the modern obstacles to the “happily ever after” ending.Age Ain't Nothing But a Number Series

About the Author

Joyce JordanA lifelong reader since childhood, Joyce Jordan enjoyed mystery and suspense books and, as a teenager, added romance novels to her list of favorites. She dreamed of being a writer but was uncertain that she could achieve her dream.

One day she fell across a book that mentioned the possibility of self publishing. She read several more books on the subject and gained enough courage to write her first book,  “Seduction-book 1″ in September of 2013. Since then, she has been encouraged by fans and has continued writing. She is the author of the”Strong Young Women” ‘ series, the “Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number” series,  and the “Miami Heat” Series.


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