F.M. Kahren’s Matt Rommel in “Beyond the Law”

The Complex Hero of the Matt Rommel Adventure Series Must Solve a Mystery to Protect What He Loves

beyond the law buyMatt Rommel, the main character and detective by default in F.M. Kahren’s “Matt Rommel Adventure Series” is a complicated man. The retired Marine and former corrections officer is wealthy, having made a killing on stocks, but prefers to live in a small room and to spend his evenings in a dive bar. Gruff, hard to get close to and reticent about showing his emotions, he is also kind hearted and seems to find himself in the position of rescuer more often than not.  In both books in the series, “Brand Loyalty” and “Beyond the Law,” Rommel’s past is alluded to…a past that involves a Marine mission that went wrong, but Rommel himself does not discuss the incident, and the reader is left to surmise. As we get to know Matt Rommel, however, the mystery of his past grows deeper: he is an honorable and capable man, and hardly seems likely to have made a grievous error in combat.

In the second of the Matt Rommel Adventure series, Rommel is hoping for a quiet retirement.Volunteering as a guide at a local museum will, he hopes, be just the thing to give him an outlet that’s not too exciting. But fate (and his own penchant for getting into the middle of things) has other plans, and Rommel is pulled back into an adventure he didn’t see coming. Rommel is again involved with Carolyn, a woman/possible love interest that he met and rescued in “Brand Loyalty,” and with her daughter Aubrey, who he acts as surrogate father to. This time, a figure from his USMC past re-appears and menaces what Matt Rommel cares about. He must solve a mystery and protect what he loves.

brand loyalty buy

The first in the Matt Rommel Adventure series of books

It is Rommel’s character that makes this book so engaging and compelling and, indeed, a “page turner.”  The story and action are exciting and they present a surprising and engaging mystery, but if it were not for the author’s skill at making the main character come to life, this book would not be the great read that it is. Matt Rommel is funny, with a sarcastic, acerbic wit that hides a soft heart and perhaps a damaged psyche, and he is a natural protector and lover of humanity.  It is this complexity that is so intriguing  and what makes “Beyond the Law” book so enjoyable. The story is filled with mysterious, funny and quirky characters but it is Matt Rommel that is the heart and soul of the story line. “Beyond the Law” is classified as military fiction, and will appeal to fans of that genre and to veterans, but it is also a first class thriller for anyone who enjoys action, mystery and most of all an engaging, compelling protagonist.

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About the Author


F.M. Kahren has been a Minuteman missile crew commander, a business executive, an author of numerous technical articles on privatized rail concessions in Latin America, and is the creator of Matt Rommel: ex-marine, former prison guard, and solver of complex mysteries set in San Francisco. Kahren holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and a doctorate in business administration, has traveled extensively and is a student of history, particularly the history of the San Francisco Bay area.  Like his character, Matt Rommel, who appears in 2 books, “Brand Loyalty” and “Beyond the Law,” Kahren has seen a lot and experienced the world from a variety of perspectives. About his colorful life, Kahren says, “I’ve had some interesting jobs, been fortunate in my friends and family, and managed to educate myself. I’ve traveled the miles and read the books. Now, I want to bring interesting stories to people and entertain them.”

Responding to fans’ questions about what’s next for the quirky, gruff and soft-hearted hero of “Brand Loyalty” and “Beyond the Law,” Kahren says, “There is another San Francisco adventure for Matt Rommel.  There will be as much action and adventure, but there is also some great, authentic San Francisco history to boot.”

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