Book Reviews for Self Published Authors

THEINDIEVIEWWondering how to get a book reviewed? The Indie View is a valuable resource for independent book reviews.

If you’re an independent author, you’ve already jumped through many hurdles to get from the beginnings of the writing process to where you are now. You’ve probably spent hours Googling “self publishing a book” and “how to sell a book” and now that you have a published book (congratulations) you’re wondering how to market it. If you’ve done even preliminary research you know that getting your book reviewed is one of the most important ways to increase your book’s visibility and reach readers.

So you’ve got your book on Amazon or Smashwords, just waiting to be read and reviewed.  Maybe you’ve even sold a few copies. But the reviews aren’t coming in.  The fact is that as few as 5% of  book buyers review the books they’ve read.  And so waiting for readers to remember to write you a review can be a long and frustrating process. review stats 2

Book blogs can be an invaluable resource for marketing your book, but finding ones that match your niche can be difficult.  There are helpful book blog search engines, but not all of the sites listed will review independently published books.

The Indie View is a book blogging site devoted entirely to self published and independent books. It posts reviews, articles about independent publishing and author interviews. It also has one of the largest searchable indexes of book blogs that review independent books.

In order to be listed on the site, the reviewer/blog must:

  • Actively post reviews
  • Review eBooks
  • Not charge for their reviews
  • Not be affiliated with a publisher
  • Have submission guidelines in place for an Indie author to submit an eBook

Authors looking for reviews can search for blogs and reviewers by the genre or genres they review, by where the reviews are posted (blog, e commerce site, social media site, etc.) or by reviewer name. There are hundreds of active book reviewers and bloggers listed, with links to their submission pages and guidelines right in the search results.

If you’re a self published author trying to add book reviews and increase visibility, The Indie View should be your first stop.visit the indieview

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