“Lightening Girl: Book 1 of the Superconnected Series” by 27

Battle Between Heaven and Hell in a Young Adult Supernatural Fantasy

coverWhen teenager Stephanie reveals her special power, the ability to control static electricity and lightening, to the world, she is not prepared for the consequences. The young man Stephanie is in love with, Kyan, has special powers too. Stephanie’s hope that her coming out with her powers would help her connect with others who have supernatural abilities puts her and Kyan in the middle of a group of teens in a battle against the forces of hell. At stake is the very survival of the world.

Written for young adults, this is a book that will appeal to a variety of readers. Told in the first person and partially in flashbacks, it presents the character of Stephanie as an extremely sympathetic and complicated young girl. Her difficult life as a teen runaway and her troubled family history have not dimmed her optimism or belief in other human beings or her capacity for faith. She is surrounded by various characters, many of whom have hidden agendas and secrets, and by a group of teens who are given the responsibility for saving the world. All of the teen characters are well crafted and compelling, but it is the main character that is the heart of this supernatural thriller and it is Stephanie that young adult readers and fans of supernatural fiction will identify with. “Lightening Girl” is the first novel in a series of young adult supernatural thrillers, and it is easy to imagine this heroine developing a cult following among readers of all ages.


From “Lightening Girl”



About the Author

“Lightning Girl” is the first book in an epic fantasy series by first-time author 27.  27 enjoys fight scenes, superpowers and dragons and hopes to write them all into the upcoming Superconnected sequels.

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