“Tomorrow Never Comes” by Pamela Jones

Tomorrow Never Comes by Pamela JonesComplex Family Dynamics in the Story of a Sister’s Love

A novella that centers on Bernice Albright, a successful author who has all the trappings of wealth and luxury. Since her mother’s death, she has been the matriarch of her family, raising her younger brother and sister, who are now adults.  As the story unfolds, we see that taking care of them will be harder than Bernice realized, as they are each embroiled in their own problems that cannot be solved as easily as when when they were younger. Through it all, however, Bernice keeps in mind her promise to her mother to care for her siblings and remembers her mother’s motto: Tomorrow Will Be A Better Day.

This is a sensitive portrayal of family dynamics in an unorthodox family.  It touches on themes of loyalty, love, addiction, domestic violence, and letting go versus being a caretaker. The centerpiece is Bernice herself, who struggles with how best to rescue her siblings and with whether rescuing them at all is the right course of action.  She is a strong, multi-layered character dealing with very real problems and with the question of how to take care of the ones you love when the ones you love are adults.  The story of Bernice and her siblings has a surprising ending that touches on themes that many American families face. Many readers will recognize themselves, their family, and the intricate dynamics of all families in this story of tragedy, faith and love.

About The Author

Pamela JonesPamela Jones wrote her first short story, “Jealousy Will Kill,” at age 14 as a homework assignment, and has been writing ever since, focusing primarily on women’s contemporary fiction. After graduating from Clark Atlanta University in 1995, she began penning contemporary love stories for African American magazines like Jive, Black Confessions, True Black Experience and Black Romance.

Prior to becoming a full time fiction writer, Jones wrote web content for private clients and web content creation websites.

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