“Last of the Po’Ricans y Otros Afro-artifacts” Poems by NOT4PROPHET

cover buyLAST OF THE PO’RICANS Y OTROS AFRO-ARTIFACTS IS THE DEBUT COLLECTION OF POETRY  from NOT4PROPHET, musician (Ricanstruction, X-Vandals), actor (Machetero), teacher, political activist and poet. The poems, many of which were originally performance pieces,  reflects the cultural landscapes of of Puerto Rico and New York City, seen through a Nuyorican lens and through the eyes of a Puerto Rican born in Ponce, living in El Barrio, Brooklyn and the Bronx. As Not4Prophet elaborates this “otherness,” which includes the hassles of poverty, racial pride and racial discord, he pays homage to the old school  Nuyorican and Black Arts movements.

Written in free verse and layered with cultural and historical references, LAST OF THE PO’RICANS breaks boundaries and challenges us with iconic imagery and word play that dares to speak of the unspeakable.

From the 2008 film "Machetero"

From the 2008 film “Machetero”

Reviews of Last of the Po’ricans

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About the Author

NOT4PROPHET, photo by Samuel LahozNOT4PROPHET was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico and raised in El Barrio/East Harlem and the South Bronx in New York City. He is a dirt roots community activist, underground-Hip Hop MC, political Punk Rock shouter, graffiti writer, off-peak-hours actor and last but not4prophet photo by slny samuel lahoz photographynever least, a poor (mans) poet and/or barrio bard.

When not4Prophet read Piri Thomas’ Down These Mean Streets at ten years old, he was encouraged and inspired to read other old school writers from the Nuyorican Poets Movement. In time, he began scratching out his own “puerto-poems” on napkins, toilet paper, and whatever else was handy and wasn’t a wall or anyone’s particular private property.

Not4Prophet has released several indie music CDs, two self-published poetry chapbooks, and his writing has been featured in various books and magazines. He currently teaches “resistance writing” to those identified as “the homeless” at the Homeless Organizing Academy, located in the South Bronx section of New York City and continues to diligently organize in the “hood”.


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