D-Nine: Protectors of the Crown, by Magus Tor

cover buyTrading Bodies in a Young Adult Fantasy

When Dr. James, a physician in Singapore, begins to experience blinding migraine headaches, he has no idea just how serious the condition is.  He blacks out during one episode and wakes up to find himself in a magical kingdom, in the body of a young princess. The princess/doctor’s life is under threat and there are assassins trying to eliminate her to take her throne. Dr. James must figure out who is behind the plot and then try to foil it in order to save the princess/his life, while trying to navigate his sudden transformation and adjust to life in the body of a teenaged girl. As the doctor travels back and forth between the two worlds, he is consumed with saving the princess while trying to understand the source of his headaches and the cause of his new ability to live in two worlds in two very different bodies.

This is an imaginative and charming story about learning what it feels like to “walk in someone else’s shoes” quite literally.  Young adult readers will find the scenes in which the adult male doctor is learning to live as an adolescent girl funny, while adults will recognize the difficulties of being an adolescent from their own teenage years.  The storyline, involving solving a mystery, a race against the clock to stop an assassination, and the adventure of fending off the killers, is absorbing and well written. The fact that the doctor must live in two different worlds makes the adventure that much more exciting, as the reader never knows when the doctor will be catapulted from one world to another.  Both young and older fans of fantasy and fish out of water stories will enjoy this creative and inventive adventure.


 MTAbout the Author

Born and raised in Singapore, Magus Tor is a freelance medical doctor by day, and a prolific writer and game designer by night. He began writing when he realized he needed an outlet for images and ideas.

After a writing hiatus during which he worked on game development, Magus returned to writing with ‘D-Nine: Protectors of the Crown’, which was inspired by his work on a card game called Dragon Nine Playing Cards.


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