“A Pause to Ponder: Words And Stories For Conquering Life’s Battles” by Floyd Thompkins, Jr.

Pause to Ponder BuyInspiration & Insight for Life’s Challenges

An inspiring book for anyone struggling with difficult choices, those questioning spirituality or a relationship with God, or anyone confused about which path to choose. This collection of short essays, stories and quotes by a renowned minister uses spirituality to offer encouraging, wise, and thought provoking insights about some of life’s most perplexing questions. The questions covered are universal and have, at some point in all of our lives, tested each of us.  Thompkins has a talent for being able to elucidate a struggle and then use short stories, brief essays and anecdotes to illustrate why the issue is important and how to think about it in a new way.

There is a spiritual/religious focus, but the subjects covered are not merely for those who are involved in practicing a particular religion.  Rather, they illustrate universal truths about humanity, and do it in a concise and motivating way. The book covers subjects as diverse as dealing with rejection, giving up on oneself, health, fear of the unknown, allowing others to have power over your feelings, money issues, prayer in difficult times and finding the courage to change.

The essays, quotes and short sketches in “A Pause to Ponder” are not platitudes about blindly believing. There are no easy answers offered here.  Rather, Jenkins shows a  deep understanding of pain and of the complexities of life and acknowledges the struggles of daily living and, indeed, of human existence. He combines this insight with a profound compassion and faith to create stories and essays that are truly thought provoking and that inspire change, transformation and hope.

From the Book

Quotes from A Pause to Ponder

About The Author

ThompkinsThe youngest person ever to serve as a Dean of Princeton University, Reverend Floyd Thompkins Jr. has authored numerous books and magazine articles, many focused on encouraging and supporting the educational goals of young people. As Associate Dean of Stanford University, he founded a multi-cultural, non-denominational evangelical church that provided counseling for students. He also implemented a special freshman support system still being used as a base academic support program today.  As an ordained minister, he pastored Antioch Baptist Church in San Jose, California and Jerusalem Baptist Church in Palo Alto, California. As the CEO of the Jack Bower Fund he was the operational leader in field research and the piloting of projects for the Youth Potential curriculum.

Thompkins received his Masters degree in Divinity from Princeton Theological seminary. His honors and awards include The Benjamin E. Mays Fellowship from the Rockefeller Foundation, The Edward G. Howel Preaching Award from Princeton Theological Seminary, the Regional Service Award from the Northern California Kidney Association and The Presidential Award for Excellence from President Bill Clinton for a program called Students Offering Alternative Realities (SOAR).

Since relocating to Georgia, Reverend Thompkins has spent many years coordinating church, business and government funding for children’s programs. He also implements several after school and prevention programs to local communities, including the Strong African American Families curriculum for 160 families in rural South Georgia. . He is married to the Reverend Katherine Thompkins.

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