“The Last Encore” by Julia Butler

The Last Encore BuyClassical Romance

The love affair between a Russian pianist (and former figure skater) and a married professor of music is the setting for this erotic romance novel about love lost, physical and spiritual connection and passion. Katherine, the heroine, is unable to be with the man she loves and is, instead, with a controlling husband in a loveless marriage while her soul mate is 3000 miles away.  At once an exciting, erotic and emotional novel about the passion of a great love and a tragic meditation on loss of a soul mate, the novel uses themes of music as a metaphor for passion and romantic love.

Though this is a modern romance novel in terms of setting (and in terms of the eroticism) it is, in many ways, old fashioned. Not unlike some of the timeless romantic movies of the 1940s and 1950s: it brings to mind the 1955 film, All That Heaven Allows, which is also about love lost. And like that film, “The Last Encore” takes on the controversial subjects of social class, societal norms and the limits of upward mobility.  Beautifully, almost poetically, written, the characters here are at once complex and easy to identify with.  The main character, Katherine, is the driving force behind the novel. Fully imagined and full of contradictions, her passion and charm are what make her lover fall for her, and what pull the reader into this romance.

About the Author

ButlerJulia Butler grew up in Russia in a family of a concert pianist and a professor of literature. She graduated from the University of Moscow with Masters Degree in Literature and Languages. An accomplished figure skater, singer and songwriter, Julia left the former Soviet Union and lived throughout Europe before arriving to the United States in pursuit of her creative dreams. Today, she is a successful entrepreneur and a mother of two girls. Julia enjoys her quiet time, the company of good friends and her beloved pets.

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