“Love Triangle (True Love Comedy Book 1)” by Magus Tor & Carrie Lynn Weniger

love triangle buyA Modern Twist on Romantic Comedy

The comic implications of a complicated love are explored in this funny, modern tale about a love triangle involving Joe, Sydney and Sydney’s female boss, Samantha.  Joe and Sydney were very much in love and planning on marriage at the end of high school. As they were about to go their separate ways for college, however, Sydney’s homophobic reactions to Joe’s gay friends came between them Joe ended the relationship. Heartbroken, Sydney felt as though she had lost her soul mate and one true love.  Five  years later, Sydney lands her dream job and seems to have a dream boss: Samantha is kind, courteous, appreciative of her talents, and ready to lavish Sydney with extra attention and even gifts. It soon becomes clear that Samantha hopes to have much more than a work relationship with Sydney.  How will the homophobic Sydney deal with being courted by her boss…who is a woman?

This is a fun, charming and engaging  romance/comedy that deals with the very modern issue of same sex relationships and discrimination in a genuine way. It takes the age-old plot conceit of “I love her but she loves somebody else” and turns it on its head by adding the element of a same sex relationship, and does it in a way that most readers (especially younger, Millennials) will be able to relate to.  Despite Sydney’s flaws, she is a sympathetic main character. The authors present Sydney as a real person: with struggles and flaws just like anyone else. Her biases are presented honestly, but so is her humanity.  NOTE: There are two versions of “Love Triangle,” which present the same story but with different endings.  “Love Triangle XY” and “Love Triangle XX” are both available on Amazon.com. cover love triangle xx



 MTAbout the Authors

Born and raised in Singapore, Magus Tor is a Freelance Medical Doctor (M.D.) by day, and a witty, thought provoking writer and game designer by night. He is the author of several novels, including  “Life Bank,” “The Phantom of Misery Sea,” and “Dream Killing.”

clwCarrie Lynn Weniger is originally from Chicago and currently lives in Arizona. A stay-at-home mother of four and office worker, Weniger decided to follow her dream of writing professionally. She is inspired by authors Dean Koontz and John Saul.

Other Books by Magus Tor and Carrie Lynn Weniger 

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Magus Tor Author Page // Carrie Lynn Weniger Author Page // Facebook // Website

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