“Pineal Gland & Third Eye: Proven Methods to Develop Your Higher Self” by Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler

Learn to Reach Higher States of Consciousness 

p gland buyBased on the ancient belief in a third eye that allows all humans to see higher planes of consciousness and gain higher states of awareness, this is a comprehensive guide to the third eye: what it is, how it is connected to the pineal gland, and how to use your own to achieve a greater insight and understanding. The pineal gland has been shown to have a direct connection to the third eye, but most western traditions ignore the connection and very few in the west have any idea that it is even possible to access a different state of being. “Pineal Gland & Third Eye: Proven Methods to Develop Your Higher Self”  is a detailed, step by step guide that provides at least 15 different methods of accessing your third eye, as well as explores how internal motivation (or lack thereof) may impact your ability to access different states of consciousness. It posits that everyone has a third eye, psychic abilities, and the internal facility to reach a higher state.
It presents the overwhelming scientific evidence for a third eye and for the connection between the human pineal gland and the third eye. The book then touches on a variety of methods for getting to it, including yantra meditation, reflexology, acupressure, chanting, mudra, yoga, essential oils, kundalini energy and visualization/hypnosis. It fupineal audio buy nowrther delves into  psychic abilities and astral projection and the connection between internal motivation and access to the third eye. Written in clear, understandable language, the guide explains the concept of a third eye and  gives highly usable, easy to follow explanations of how each method for reaching your own third eye works. For anyone open to the concept of a third eye this is an excellent introduction and guide to beginning to contact it.

About the Author


In her books, Ammon-Wexler provides insights and action plans for every area of your life: from higher states of awareness to personal achievement.

Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler is a doctor of psychology with over 45 years of pioneering brain/mind research experience. In addition to teaching mind power methods in universities and corporations, she was invited by former President Jimmy Carter to support his Special Commission on Women in Business, was invited to serve as a Pentagon consultant focused on business communications, and has authored over 30 books, a novel, and hundreds of articles in both business and individual success categories.

When not writing or teaching, Dr. Jill enjoys artistic pursuits, gardening and being out-of-doors, good conversation, home and garden design, and kayaking and skiing. She is the scientific developer of the Self Growth Planet and the Quantum Mind Program, and the co-founder of Quantum-Self.com.

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