“An Adventure in Mysticism: Featuring the Gospel According to I Am” by Don Mardak

adventure buyEntertainment Combined With Spirituality

“An Adventure in Mysticism” is a two-part book that tells the story of one man’s spiritual awakening based on his discovery of a biblical text, “The Book of I AM” in the first half and then provides the actual text of The Book of I Am in the second half.  It is the prequel to Don Mardak’s  “Armageddon and the Fourth Timeline,” a novel that combined science fiction and mysticism and told the story of both a spiritual awakening and an adventure involving an imminent world apocalypse and one man’s journey back in time to save humanity.  “Adventure in Mysticism” delves more deeply into the early spiritual development of the hero, Eric, starting with his travels to the holy land at a young age, meeting the man who would become his spiritual adviser, and his discovery of The Book of I AM, which reveals new biblical truth about states of being and the very nature of God.
Both books combine elements of adventure/fantasy and elements of mysticism, but much of the action in “An Adventure in Mysticism” is provided by the description of Eric’s development of a divine awareness. The cliffhangers here are based more on following his discovery of new truths than on his ability to save the world from perishing.  The book is a charming blend of spirituality and entertainment. It is a thought-provoking exploration of religion, the nature of divinity and of personal awakening as it relates to conceptions of God and what it means to be human.

About the Author

don_marda-192x300Don Mardak has been a student of Christian mysticism, the Infinite Way writings of Joel S. Goldsmith, and the teachings of numerous spiritual masters for more than four decades. He also has conducted classes on Living the Mystical Life, and has been a successful entrepreneur for most of his working years. As the President, CEO and Chairman of a small public company, Mr. Mardak always tried to apply the mystical principles outlined in his books and on this website in his business dealings and relationships. The results have been quite astonishing as, very often, without taking thought, or striving for a specific result, the proper person appeared, or a meaningful event occurred, which made each day a divine spiritual unfoldment. His greatest desire is that those of you who truly are receptive to this message will open yourselves up to the inflow of the Spirit. In that process, you will find answers to your deepest questions which, then, will lead you to your own search for Truth and, ultimately, your personal spiritual destiny.

Mr. Mardak lives with his wife Judy in Wisconsin and Florida. They have two grown children and four grandchildren.

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