“Who Wants More Money” by U.L. Rich


who wants more money buyInformation Once Reserved For The Fortunate Few Is Now Available To You!

This guide is very different from many of the “how to get rich quick” books on the market. Written in a conversational and easy to understand tone that makes it fun and engaging to read, it offers sound principles for increasing financial worth using the principles that make and keep money.
It emphasizes self-determination and using knowledge for improvement, and then gives concrete examples and scenarios that illustrate its points. Scenarios like  the story of Marvin and D-Dub and a community meeting in Mr. Johnson’s barbershop are used to show the contrast between wise investing and saving strategies and those who don’t give any thought to money issues or think there is a quick and easy way to increase wealth.  By using real-life scenarios, the author is able to explain his plan in a way that make it easy to comprehend and then apply.
The “Six Laws of Money” the author lays out are followed by explanations that, again, use real world scenarios for illustration. Regarding your time as money and applying it to making money, putting aside a certain percentage of income regularly, improving savings, examining spending habits and wise investing and home buying tips are all included. There are also chapters on choosing financial advisers and planning for retirement.

“Who Wants More Money” is a wise, engaging and useful guide that would be particularly helpful for young adults just learning about financial issues and those who are wary of traditional “how-to” books.

Money screenshot

“Who Wants More Money” illustrates how small, mindless expenditures can add up

About The Author

U.L.Rich was born and raised in a small town in the Midwest. He became obsessed with achieving financial success after suffering for many years from the fatal disease “brokitis (pronounced – broke eye tis). Remembering what a teacher once told him, “If you can read and write, then you can do anything!” Mr. Rich rededicated himself to a career as a writer and entrepreneur.

While on his new found quest for success, he realized that many others suffered from the same disease that he once did, and decided to do something about it. He penned Who Wants More Money! as a guide to help those who seek financial freedom reach their goals.

Connect With The Author

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