“Love Duology” by Richard Schwindt

Love Duology b“Love Duology” is comprised of 2 short, connected novels. The first part, “Love Stacey” was shortlisted by the judges in the International 3-Day Novel contest, an annual event that challenges authors to write an entire novel over the course of 72 hours. “Love Susan” was written a year later, and continues to follow Stacey and her psychiatrist Susan, though now in different circumstances.

In the first story we meet Stacey, a professor who has lost her memory and, as a result, a sense of who she is and what her life means. When she meets alcoholic Jonathon Shaw, events are set in motion that reveal that she has supernatural gifts and that make it necessary for her to start the process of regaining painful memories.  The next book centers on Susan, who is Stacey’s psychiatrist/hypnotherapist and who is instrumental in Stacey’s regaining of past memories. Susan is able to enlist Stacey’s ability to move freely through space and time to get in touch with famed psychiatrist Milton Erickson, who has been dead for 30 years, in order to save a social worker from a shooting.

Both halves of the book alternate between voices and narrators, so the reader gets to experience the events from multiple viewpoints, though there are moments where the characters admit to being unreliable narrators and to changing the story to one that suits them better. This is a hard book to categorize…there are elements of humor (farce, even) as well as fantasy, as when Susan and Stacey change time periods and Susan at one point becomes a gorilla,  but ultimately the 2 books in the novel are about love in various forms.

About the Author

Author Richard SchwindtRichard Schwindt is a therapist, hypnotherapist and writer in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. In addition to “Love Duology,” he is the author of 2 books on workplace bullying and a series of 4 mysteries set in a remote town in Northern Ontario.See the Author's Books at

Author Website

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