Book Promotion for Self Published Authors: Fiverr

Fiverr for Book Promotion (1)Fiverr for Self-Published Authors

Note: Readers+Writers Journal was not remunerated by in any way  for this article. Readers+Writers Journal does not endorse any of the gigs mentioned in this article. The intent of this post is to give self-published authors ideas, not to promote a website or particular Fiverr seller.

When you’re marketing your book yourself, financial resources are often scarce. And ideas for how to promote are often just as hard to come by. Many self published authors have turned to, with varying degrees of success.  Below are ideas for using the micro-jobs site that you may not have thought of. From writing to editing to promotion, Fiverr can be a real source of help, if you know how to use it correctly.

What is Fiverr?

Described as “one of the world’s largest online marketplaces for services” Fiverr is site where freelancers with a multitude of talents offer a specific service or set of services, referred to as Gigs, for $5. Fiverr provides these contractors a site from which to sell in return for 20% of their profits. Fiverr also offers contractors bookkeeping services and promotion. Is this a fair bargain? Some say no. This is one freelancer’s take on the Fiverr economy.How to Search for Fiverr Gigs

Self Published Authors and Fiverr

Fiverr has been around since 2009 and since then, many self-published authors have used it as a source for book reviews, cover designs and book illustrationsFiverr gigs, however, can be useful in ways many self published authors haven’t thought of. Below are some unique ideas for using Fiverr gigs.

Book Description

You may not be the best person to write your book description.  Why? You’re too close to the subject matter to know what the averbook description 2 age reader is looking for. Why not provide a Fiverr seller with some information about your book and ask him/her to write it? Or get 2 or more sellers to write a description to get a feel for how people not intimabook description 1tely involved with the book would characterize it. Or, better yet, buy a gig from one of the many sellers who specialize in search engine optimization (SEO). The search function on sites like Amazon function like other search engines, using keywords. 

keyword researchThese sellers aren’t specifically offering to write a description for a book, but they know an awful lot about SEO and can probably help craft a description that will help your book shoot tseo writing 2o the top of search results. 




Guest Blog Posts

One of the best ways to get the word out about your book is to talk directly to readers. Writing a guest Book Excerpt Blog Postblog post can be an effective way to reach potential readers, but it’s necessary to think creatively when searching for blog post gigs on Fiverr.  Many sellers allow guest posts on blogs that aren’t directly related to books or reading, and if you tailor your post to the blog, you may be able to reach a whole new category of readers. All guest posts should, at a minimum, allow you to add a short blurb about your book and provide a link to it. See if you can find gigs that allow a photo of you or your book or both. Note: some gigs offer to write the post for you and should be avoided for obvious reasons. If possible, see if you can figure out the blog’s name or url or page rank in advance of buying. Higher page rank is generally preferred, though not mandatory.

Mom Blog Post

For a mother-related blog, consider writing a post about the parental relationships in your novel. Or, if you’re a parent, you can write a post about juggling writing and parenting. This gig is also looking for giveaways, so if your book is going to be discounted or free, you could highlight that.

News Blog Post

Was your book just released? Consider that news. You could even submit a press release-style blog post.


Relationship Blog Post

If you’ve written a novel, it probably involves more than one character…which means there are relationships to write about for a blog post. You could even consider a post on how relationships in books differ from real life ones.

Tips and Guides blog post

As a professional writer, you are in the perfect position to write an authoritative post on how to write an employment cover letter, letter of condolence, or even something more general about word choice or grammar. If your book is non-fiction/self help, you can condense some of your content into a short tips sheet that would encourage readers to buy the book for more information.



What to Look for in Fiverr GigsOther Fiverr Gigs for Authors

Fiverr has so many sellers selling so many gigs, it can be overwhelming.  It’s best to spend some time trying out different keywords and browsing. You may run into some gigs that don’t pan out, but the amount of money you will have lost will be minimal.  If you spend some time looking for book promotion ideas on Fiverr, you are sure to find a few gigs that you can use…

goodreads maintenancefacebook page managementpress releasekindle keywordsBook researchradio interviewebook directorieskindle formattingkindle promotionbook trailerauthor website…and, if you’re anything like most Fiverr buyers, a few that you have absolutely no use for but just couldn’t resist.


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