Interview: Richard Schwindt, Author of “The Love Duology”

Author Richard SchwindtLove Duology bRichard Schwindt is a therapist, hypnotherapist and writer in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. In 2006,  he participated in the International Three Day Novel Contest, an event that challenges authors to come up with a complete novel in 72 hours. The first book in his new novel, “The Love Duology” was shortlisted in that competition. “Love Stacey,” concerns a mathematics professor with amnesia who finds her memory with the help of a new love. A year later, Schwindt followed up on that success by continuing the story of Stacey, this time helping her psychiatrist, Susan, try to prevent the tragic death of a social worker. “Love Stacey” and “Love Susan” have been combined for the first time in this new book about  memory, redemption, love and… gorillas. 

What led you to enter such a grueling and unusual competition as the 3 Day Novel Contest?

3 day novelI have always been drawn to the International three day novel contest because it draws so much out of you, whether you are ready for it or not.

Is there an author or movement you’re particularly influenced by?

I am influenced by Arthur Conan Doyle because he was brilliant and far more comedic than people know.

Name a book you wish you had written.

“The Lost World” is one of the funniest books ever written.

What writing advice would you give other hopeful authors? 

This is hardly original advice but just write!

Connect with the Author

In addition to “Love Duology,” Schwindt is the author of a guide to dealing with workplace bullying and accompanying workbook and a series of mysteries about a crime-solving social worker, set in a remote Northern Ontario town.

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