Free Book Promotion Resources for Self Published Authors: The 12 Twitter Lists You Should Be Following

12 Twitter Lists for Book PromotionTwitter is a goldmine of useful advice on writing, digital publishing trends and promotion ideas. It’s also a way to network with other authors and thought leaders in the worlds of publishing, agents and influential bloggers.

Twitter allows you to create lists of users whose Tweets you want to follow, usually grouped together by subject matter.  Seeing the lists of others, particularly the lists of influential publishing personalities and sites, can give anyone involved in book promotion some great ideas.  What are the thought leaders in he world of publishing reading on Twitter?  Look at their lists.

Below is a curated list of lists…the lists that every self published author involved in book promotion and marketing (or anyone interested in books) should be following.

Jane Friedman’s Best Tweets for Writers

CEO and Co-founder of Open Road Integrated Media and inventor of the concept of author tours, Friedman’s lists are musts for anyone interested in publishing

John Kremer’s People Worth Following

Book marketing expert John Kremer has compiled a list of movers and shakers in the book world worth following.

John Kremer’s Book Promotion

Kremer’s list of valuable book promotion resources

Galley Cat’s Best Book Publicity Feeds

Galley Cat, one of the leading sources of book reviews and publishing news, identifies a wealth of sources for book publicity

Galley Cat’s Best Book Review Feeds

The influential publishing site’s favorite book review sources

 Joel Friedlander’s Self Publishing List

The book and marketing guru’s list of Tweets and Tweeters talking about self publishing

Dale Mayer’s Publishing News

A list of publishers, editors and influential agents

Dara Beevas’ Indie Author Resources

The founder of Wiseink’s favorite Twitter feeds

Bibliocrunch’s Self Publishing Resources

The online author resources platform is in a position to know some of the most useful feeds to follow.

Self Publisher’s Showcase’s Self Published Showcasers

The book promotion site’s up and coming authors.  A great place to get promotion ideas

Gail Baugniet’s Bloggers of Book Topics

Author Gail Baugniet has compiled a comprehensive of the most influential book blogs

Readers+Writers Journal’s Book Marketing Resources

Our own list of valuable book promotion and marketing resources


Free book promotion resources for self published authors

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