The 12 Most Important Twitter Hashtags for Promoting Your Book

The Twelve Most Important Twitter Hashtags for Promoting Your Book

Hashtags are, arguably, the most important part of tweeting.  Without these keywords that categorize the subject of your tweet, you’re never going to reach your target audience. If you’re using Twitter For book promotion, it’s crucial that you use hashtags wisely.

How, How Often, How Much

Social media is, ideally, about reciprocity, connecting and interacting.  It works best when it’s a two way street, but too many marketers see it as just another venue for repeating their message over and over and over, regardless of the appropriateness of the audience.  These folks are what are affectionately known as spammers.  And they get blocked very quickly.

Your goal should be to provide useful information to people who are interested in what you’re interested in.  With that in mind, you should try to limit your book promotion tweets to 1 or 2 a day.

Sharing helpful articles or re-tweeting videos that relate to writing, publishing or the genre of your book is fine, and can be done more often.

# for Connecting

#Writingprompt – A prompt to inspire others to write

#Writingtips – Any article, video or link that’s on how to be a better writer

#Writerslife – Hashtag for writers to share experiences and tips about the craft of writing

Crafting a Message

Twitter only allows 140 characters per tweet, so you have to make every word count and try to set yourself apart from the crowd.

# for Standing Out

Tweet a quote from your book, with #Novelines #[your book title]

Lolita quote

Tweet the first line of your book with #[your book title] #[your name] #firstlines 

1984 first line

imageedit_1_3768207497Instagram an image that relates to your book or an image of you writing and post it with #instagram or #instawriters (a group of writers who use Instagram in unique ways)

Does your book have an interesting cover? Post a photo of it, with #bookcover  Hope a Tragedy

Promotional Tags: Of course, you’re also using Twitter to get the word out about your new book.  Once you’ve identified who your target audience is and established yourself as someone who is using Twitter to share and learn, not just to sell, you can start promoting your book.

# for Marketing a Book




#romance (or Fantasy or whatever genre you write in)


#booktrailer (for a video trailer of your book)

More Hashtags for Writers

For an ever-expanding list of 200 of the most useful hashtags for writers, including promotion, writing tips, marketing, editing, buying and all things book, see:

The Ultimate Hashtag List for Writers

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