Hypoglycemia Diet: Winning the Battle Against Hypoglycemia by Logan M. Weldon

Hypoglycemia, better known as  low blood glucose or low blood sugar, happens when the amount of glucose, which is a primary source of energy for the human body,  falls below normal levels. Symptoms of low blood sugar can include: hunger, shakiness, fainting, confusion, difficulty speaking and sweating, ahypoglycemia dietnd can be dangerous if not remedied immediately.
In Hypoglycemia Diet: Winning the Battle Against Hypoglycemia, author Logan Weldon presents a plan for getting blood sugar spikes (both high and low) under control so that you can get your health back.  The premise of the book is that reliance on medication to control blood sugar levels may be necessary, but without dietary changes, will not be sufficient.

This is a thoroughly researched, detailed and comprehensive, yet easy to understand guide to ameliorating hypoglycemia symptoms and maintaining healthy blood sugar through changing how you eat . It presents a well-researched hypoglycemia diet, but it also provides valuable information on hypoglycemia symptoms, causes and treatments. For anyone struggling with periods of blood sugar instability, the diet and guide provides:

  • a detailed checklist of symptoms to watch for
  • a plan for collecting information about your symptoms so you can better understand the patterns in your blood sugar spikes and falls
  • a guide to talking to your doctor about hypoglycemia
  •  a discussion of the 4 main types of hypoglycemia, and how each should be treated to ensure they don’t escalate to a more serious disease
  • 6 quick tips for dealing with symptoms as soon as you feel them
  • a comprehensive lists of foods that help eliminate blood sugar crashes and those that make them worse
  • sample menus using a balance of foods to maximize your blood sugar stability

This book is much more than a diet plan: it provides sufferers a new way of understanding the disease and a way to become proactive in managing it, rather than reacting to symptoms.

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logan7-compressedLogan M. Weldon began suffering from the symptoms of diabetes as a child but was not formally diagnosed until he was an adult.  Even after diagnosis, he suffered with blood sugar spikes that made him feel sick most of the time.  After visiting a nutritionist, who created a diet plan just for him, he started feeling better and realized that diet was the key to stabilizing his hypoglycemia and improving his health.  He spent years researching nutrition for stable blood sugar and used his extensive knowledge to create Hypoglycemia Diet: Winning the Battle Against Hypoglycemia.

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