Author Q & A with Holy Ghost Writer

holy ghost writerHe has, arguably, the most unusual pen name in recent memory (though George William Russell, who wrote under the symbol Æ is a close second) so it shouldn’t be surprising that Holy Ghost Writer’s work is equally mysterious and layered with meaning.  The author of the dark action/adventure Count of Monte Cristo Series published The Anonymous Girl in 2013 to acclaim from readers and professional reviewers alike.Holy Ghost Writer Catalog

 Q: We should probably start with your identity. Who is The Holy Ghost Writer?

A: The identity of the author is part of an international contest, and the first person to correctly name the HG Writer from the clues found in the Count of Monte Cristo sequels will receive a reward of $5000. Visit the Holy Ghost Writer’s Amazon Author Page for details and see if you can discover the real identity of the author being heralded as the new Stieg Larsson for That Girl Started Her Own Country, the successor of Alexander Dumas for The Sultan of Monte Cristo and the next Ray Bradbury for The Boy Who Played With Dark Matter.

Q: What drew you to the subject matter of this book?

A: That Girl Started Her Own Country, when it will have its new sequel finished, making it a complete enough work for fans to realize greater satisfaction

Q: What did you find hardest about the process of getting your book published?

A: While writing is rather easy for me it is also challenging to create something really great and I love challenges.

Q: Do you have any favorite authors/authors who you were influenced by?

A: Alexandre Dumas

Q: Name a book you wish you had written.

A: The Count of Monte Cristo

Q: Do you have suggestions for new writers, either on writing or getting published?

A: Take a nap, otherwise keep reading and writing or go on an adventure of your own for inspiration.  I find that reading books helps to get me into the flow of writing, but that may not work for others and can just be a waste of time if you want to write a book, but if it is non fiction reading you can get good ideas, even if so slightly used from reading nonfiction stuff.

Q: Do you have an organized process or tips for writing well?

A: Again as my father told me, “The art of writing is rewriting.” However, I would say just let the writing flow and leave it to a skilled editor to make it flow better and correct any editing problems that you may not see.

Q: Sometimes it’s so hard to keep at it. What keeps you going?

A: Love for the art and storytelling. I didn’t know I was creative. even though I was voted most so in high school,  until I started writing novels later in life.

Q: If you could do any job in the world what would you do?

A: I’m sure I would make a good benevolent dictator,  lol. I’m very happy doing what I do. Through producing good literature you can accomplish more than any other occupation.

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