Use These 7 Sites to Promote Your Book for Free

Guide to 7 Sites That Promote Your Book FreeYes it really is possible to promote your book free, if you’re willing to do some work yourself.  Below are 7 sites that cost nothing to use and that can help you take your book marketing, publicity and advertising strategy to the next level.  Some are designed specifically for independent and self-published authors…others have another purpose but can be adapted to help you promote your book without breaking the bank.

The Indie View Provides links to hundreds of active, independent reviewers who don’t charge for reviews.  Registration is required.

AuthorsDen An online community where authors freely post biographies, works, news, events and articles for readers to discover and read.

free book friday Gives away free books once a week and promotes the free book on its site for a week.  Also has an index of other free book resources.


Stands for “Help A Reporter Out”. Connects reporters looking for a story with writers looking for publicity.  Authors can register and be added to the database reporters use to search for story ideas or sources for quotes.  Used by many major news outlets (CNN, ABC, AP).

Pixel of InkA searchable database of free and low cost books, with thousands of readers searching for books daily.  Authors can submit their book to the database for free.

htmlsigCreate email signatures with links to your blog, amazon and social media profiles. (Authors can use the Disclaimer section to post a book excerpt or quote).Media Syndicate

Free press release posting/newswire site.  All submissions are reviewed for content and formatting.  (For information on how to format a press release and a free template, click here.)

KindleBoardsP.S.: You’re already using KindleBoards, right?  This forum-meets-Craigslist-meets-facebook site is among the top ranked websites in the world and should be any independent author’s first stop (even if you’re not involved in e books). With 70,000 members, 2 million posts, tools that help you link your forum comments to an Amazon page and fun extras Kindleboards is a must for anyone trying to promote a book.

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